Contest Photos

6th Place Finalist, Justin Casey  photo: Stephen Melidossian

photos : Jon Dillworth

photos: Ted Sorlien

OPEN PRO, Greg Levy      photo: Jessica Pohl

OPEN PRO, Greg Levy      photo: Jessica Pohl


Water Brothers thanks our Head Judges and staff who joined us locally or traveled in to make this all possible. 

Head Judges

Jay 'Tiny Hawk' Cornet, RI / Kevin Grondin, NH / Freddy Barker, RI HI /  Matt Richards, Cape Cod / Anthony Schifone, HI

Staff: Brian Sargent, Caroline Campbell.


Best New England surf contest in decades
— Kevin Grondin - WB Pro Judge



In addition to the many volunteers and help Water Brothers receives from our community, Sid and Danielle would like to give high mention to JJ for always showing up and doing the dirty work, Andy Corcoran for keeping Newport going, Alexis helping us with everything! OWB Debra Bird and Free People for their generosity. Kayla Walker keeping it core. And Tom Finn for keeping the lights on AND cracking us up. We love you guys! Thank you for your help and putting the PRO in the Water Brothers PRO. OWB4LIFE!!!!